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Is slate the best roofing material for Vancouver Island and the Gulf Islands.

Although slate roofs have been around since the 13th century, they're experiencing a resurgence in popularity on Vancouver Island as slate becomes a fashionable look in modern design. As with most fashionable things, however, you're going to have to shell out a lot of cash if you want a slate roof on your home!

Since slate roofs share many of the same benefits and disadvantages as concrete tile, this article will be limited to only a few particular considerations of slate roofs.

Although slate is only about two-thirds the weight of concrete tile, it still ranks as one of the heaviest roofing materials available on Vancouver Island. Therefore, the potential for damage, destruction and even loss of life should not be under-stated when considering a slate roof in an earthquake-prone region like Vancouver Island.

Earthquakes notwithstanding, a slate roof is more durable than concrete and, like permanent metal, can accurately be described as a lifetime roof.

So what's the biggest drawback to a slate roof?


Most slate roofs will cost between $12 and $14 per square foot, approximately twice as much as concrete tile or Ironwood shake, the most popular type of permanent metal roof.

The price of a slate roof has even been known to soar as high as $20, $30 and even $40 per square foot depending on the pitch of the roof and the type of slate used.

Is slate the best roofing?

If you're looking for a high quality roof that will add permanent value to your home and will last forever, a permanent metal roof such as Ironwood shake offers better value and additional benefits.

If you're set on the stylish look of a slate roof, that look has been beautifully replicated in a type of permanent metal roof known as ironwood slate. Ironwood Slate has all the beauty of slate, all the benefits of permanent metal, and costs (and weighs!) much less than actual slate.

Compare slate with other roofing materials

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